Best Baby Monitor for Toddler

Axvue Baby Monitor
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Baby monitors are an essential part of baby items in the 21st century, especially for working moms. The need to monitor and keep track of your baby especially when your baby or toddler is in a nursery or sleeping in a different room from yours. Baby monitors play the role of an artificial nanny and help you keep an eye on your child and caregiver when you are not at home.

Types of Monitors

There are three main types of baby monitors

  • Audio-only Monitors which allows you to listen to your baby and keep track of every conversation made with your baby. They do not include an additional display screen or monitor to help you see your baby. They generally have the best sound transmission and some allow for two-way communication to help you talk with your baby.
  • Video Monitors which are by far the best but much more cost intensive. They have both the audio and video functions and many of them come with a built-in microphone and speaker to allow for two-way communication. They help you watch and keep an eye on your baby and helps you see live what your baby is doing either through a display screen or through your smartphone via an app.
  • Wi-Fi Monitors connect to your smartphone using your internet connection. They, most times, come with both audio and video functions and have the capacity to store video footage

Factors to Consider when Choosing a Baby Monitor

  • Range and distance covered. Monitors have different ranges of coverage. This is by far one of the most important factors to look at before buying a baby monitor. This also is a function of the purpose and reason for getting it.
  • Display quality and/or screen size. Video monitors come with different screen sizes, while some require that you connect with an app on your cell phone. Those with large screens and high resolution are the best for viewing. Monitors that require you to connect with your phone have the advantage of portability but does not offer the best viewing site especially if your phone is small.
  • Portability. There are stand-alone monitors or cameras while there are those that must be wall mounted. Stand-alone monitors are the best baby monitor for camping.
  • Ability to Remote control the monitor or camera. The best monitors are those that can be controlled remotely from any location to adjust the camera’s view.
  • The life span of the battery. This also has to be considered as it determines how long the monitor can stay before having to charge it.
  • Ability to encrypt over the wireless connection. This is very essential to ensure that no one else taps into your monitor feed to keep track of your baby.
  • Technology: Some monitors allow for two way communication thereby allowing you to communicate with your baby.

Benefits of having a baby Monitor

While some parents question the rationale for having a baby monitor, the pros far outweigh the cons. Having a camera to help monitor your kids gives you peace of mind when you are not with them physically, as you always have them covered. The monitor alerts you when the baby needs attention or even the baby wakes from a nap. It also helps both parents and children sleep soundly. Your baby sleeps well as you do not need to tiptoe to the baby’s room at intervals to check if they need your attention. The monitor allows you continuous real-time access to your baby.

Baby monitors also ensure the safety of your children. Most monitors come with special sensors to help keep your baby happy and healthy. These sensors monitor the temperature of the room, the baby’s heart rate and their sleep pattern. Added to this is the ability of these monitors to record video footage when and if needed.

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