Best Toy to Learn Alphabet

Best Way to Teach Alphabets to Children

There are various approaches to the teaching of alphabets to children. However, they all have one thing in common, the place of toys in the teaching and learning of the alphabet. The ability to identify the best toy to learn alphabet is key. Once this is done, then, the following must be adhered to.

Best Toy to learn alphabet
  • Start with small letters, as this has proved to be the best method before introducing the capital letters to them
  • Do not overstuff or override kids, let them learn at their own pace and timing.
  • Reinforce daily memorization by singing with them the various alphabet songs while touching the letters as this will help them master the alphabet quickly.
  • Make use of alphabet games as this helps to increase interest.
  • The order for teaching letter recognition is also a vital and integral element in helping kids identify the letters of the alphabet. This order has been proved to be the best
    • Module 1: a, i, n, p, s, t
    • Module 2: c, e, h, k, r
    • Module 3: d, g, m, o
    • Module 4: b, f, l, q, u
    • Module 5: j, w, z
    • Module 6: v, x, y

This pattern for teaching the alphabet has proved to be the best. This is because after learning just the first six letters of the alphabet, they can immediately begin to form words like as, it, in, an, and many more. This actually helps boost their morale and make them eager to learn other letters.

Best Toys to learn Alphabet

Alphabet learningtoy

Toys also play an important role in helping kids identify the letters of the alphabet. These toys assist children learn in a play way method. Identifying the best toy to teach alphabet to kids could be challenging, but we have compiled a list of toys that help children learn and identify the letters of the alphabet.

BEST LEARNING Whack & Learn Mole

This Whack and learn interactive educational alphabet toy is perfect for ages 6months old and above. It is an interactive learning toy that easily stimulates the motor skills of toddlers helping them to learn all the letters of the alphabet easily in a fun way. This learning toy is peculiar because it not only teaches the alphabet but introduces your kids to counting and color recognition. The music and light design make children attracted to it. The night light feature makes this toy stand out. It has a beautiful night lamp with cool soft music to make your baby relax. All these features make children love this beautiful learning toy. Your child will definitely love this mole toys

Pros: It is so easy to use for kids and toddlers even for a 6monh old baby as a toy. Its 4 learning modes of alphabets, numbers, colour and music is superb. The music volume can be easily adjusted. The 3AA batteries are easily replaceable.

Cons: Be careful to ensure that the screws do not get loosed as this could be a danger to your child.

This alphabet toy is given a 4.8 rating

Just Smarty Electronic Interactive Alphabet Wall Chart, Talking ABC & 123s

Learn the alphabets talking chart

This learning tool is highly recommended because it is easy to use. The wall chart helps your baby easily associate the letters of the alphabet with the correct sound and pronunciation. Children simply press a letter and it pronounces the letter. With this toy, toddlers and young children get to learn the alphabet, word association and also learn the numbers

Pros:  This toy doesn’t take space and its easy to use. You simply hang it on the wall and forget it. No messy toys to clean up and it automatically shuts off to preserve battery life after sometimes.

Cons: The sound volume is not very high and the sounds sometimes get muffled up. After pressing the letter on the chart, you still have to  press the volume button before itmakes thesound, this might be confusing for very young children

This toy is given a 4.5 star rating

VTech Touch and Learn Activity Desk Deluxe 

Vtech Alphabet Learning tot

This is a great learning toy put together for toddlers. It is easy and quick to assemble as it does not require any tool and only needs 4 AA batteries. This toy can be described as kids minicomputer. It includes five activity pages to help children explore and learn and features 100 plus vocabulary words, 20 plus activities and 20 plus songs and melodies Vtech already has a reputation for producing one of the best educational toys for children. This one is not an exception. This learning tool is special in that it can be used in multiple modes to achieve varied results. It is a great learning tool that I highly recommend for every parent.

Pros: It is a great toy for learning letters and numbers. The ability to expand its functionality by getting the expansion pack through the deluxe edition is great.

Cons: Some children might try to climb over the desk which could lead to a fall. It could be very sensitive to touch especially for little ones who cannot operate a touch screen. Parental guidance is here advised.

This toy is given a 4.7 star rating

VTech Sit-to-Stand Ultimate Alphabet Train

Vtech Sit to Stand Alphabet toy

This is another ultimate alphabet train toy from Vtech which also helps to develop the motor skills of children. The learning toy comes with 10 activities including a storybook, clock, gears; 13 double-sided alphabet blocks to build fine motor skills and introduce letters, numbers, and colors to children. The included walkie-talkie and number pad encourage role-play and introduce numbers and animals to children. This counting toy plays more than 100 songs, melodies, sounds, and phrases.

Pros: It comes with two learning modes to help kids and toddlers learn better. It helps stimulates kids to learn the alphabets  easily.

Cons: It could sometimes slip when your baby tries to lean on it.

This toy is given a 4.6 star rating

Battat – Hide & Seek Alphabet Pop-Up —-(Cheapest Toy to Learn Alphabets)

Battat – Hide & Seek Alphabet Pop-Up

This is a sturdy alphabet board toy that is built to last. It is made up of 50 pop-up buttons and 50 colorful flaps that pop open! surprises and Smiles. It is an educational learning toy that helps to develop the fine motor skills of children. It is well made and children can easily learn letters of the alphabet. It also teaches shapes, colors, and numbers.

Pros: Its a toy that doesn’t require batteries to be operated, yet it adequately teaches children the alphabet with fun. Looking for a budget friendly toy for learning alphabet, then, tis is theperfect one.

Cons:The buttons are small that a child would need to have good dexterity to hit the bottom of the button to make it open

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