Best Toys To Teach Color To Kids

Best Toy To Teach Color

It is extremely important to get the perfect early learning toys for your toddlers as they gradually reach the age where they start talking and recognizing objects. At this age, you begin to notice that they are interested in everything around them, hence the need to get them the best toys to teach color. This is the perfect time to start teaching things like numbers, colors, shapes, animals, fruits and more. There are various toys that are suited to help you in this process. Every one of these toys has its own pros and cons. We bring to you a summary of the pros and cons of the best toys to teach color.

List of Best Toys to Teach color

Learning Resources Farmer’s Market Color Sorting Set

Learning Resources Farmers Market Color Toy

This is a high quality, well-made toy which teaches your kids color sorting in a play kitchen method. This great set includes 25 kid-friendly play fruits and veggies in 5 colors, from a plump purple plum to a green Granny Smith apple. It also comes with 5 plastic baskets with stick-on labels, plus an activity guide.
There’s a nice variety of play food which includes some not typically found in other play food sets (eggplant, cucumber, pumpkin. It also includes 3 different colors of pepper, yellow apple, peach, and plum).
The baskets are hard plastic and can withstand flings across the room. It is a great, good quality toy that kids can use for lots of imaginative play above and beyond color-matching.

Pros: It is one toy with multiple learning benefits and and has the ability to grab your kids attention and keep them busy.

Cons:It has a fumy smell as a result of the packaging.

This toy is rated 4.9

GYBBER & MUMU Puzzle Jigsaw Toy Shape Color Recognition Geometric Blocks Sorting Game

GYBBER & MUMU Puzzle Jigsaw Toy Shape Color Recognition Geometric Blocks Sorting Game

This amazing toy helps strengthen motor skills and visual-spatial skills. It inspires creativity and imaginative play. This educational toy has the ability to encourage babies’ hands, eyes, brain coordination, promoting color recognition and fine motor skills, so as to inspire children’s imagination. Also, the size of the blocks is suitable for children’s hand grasping habits. Children develop the ability to recognize and distinguish colors and shapes,and also to understand the characteristics of geometric shapes .

Pros: It teaches kids how to solve puzzle. Perfect for teaching fine motor skills, problem solving abilities, shapes, colors and numbers

Cons: The color of the shapes get removed easily especially when kids scrub it against any surface and it is not perfect for children below 12 months.

This toy is rated 4.6

Dreampark Wooden Educational Toys, Wooden Shape Color Sorting Toy

Dreampark Wooden Educational Toys, Wooden Shape Color Sorting

This is an educational toy with nice good quality especially if you a lover of wooden educational toys. It is a high-quality product, simple in design and sold at a great good price. This
Dreampark Wooden Educational Toy comes in various colors and designs. the shape sorter color is bright and clear and can develop kids sensitivity to color. It makes the baby give full attention to the imagination. Children ancasThey can identify the shape and count the holes in the column to train their forebrain and hand-eye coordination ability.

Pros:It is a perfect creative and manipulative toy

Cons: Its packaging comes with a bad smell at first, so allow for some times after opening the package before handing it over to them.

This toy is rated 4.9

Counting Bears Early Learning Toy

Best Toy to Learn and Recognize Colours

Counting Bears Early Learning Toy

This great toy consist of 60 Rainbow Counters, 6 Matching , Sorting, Stacking Cups, Numbers and Color Dice. Research shows that early math skills are one of the best predictors of later success in both math and literacy. This  counting bear set helps to combine the benefits of working on early math skills with the use of math manipulative. It is a good quality learning tool highly recommended for young minds. The counting bears help kids learn maths in a playway method. Math manipulatives are the best way to teach new and complex concepts to kids because they create a tactile, visual representation of those concepts. It is also a top rated toy for teaching colours.

Pros and Cons of Counting Bear Toy

Pros: It is safe , durable and easy to use. It helps children Learn all aspects of color recognition.

Cons: It is not suitable for children below 2 years of age without strict adult supervison.

This toy is rated 4.7

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Colorful Mood Crayons

Best Toys for Learning Counting and Sequencing

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Colorful Mood Crayons Toys

These super cute great toy crayons for toddlers will no doubt draw kids in with their expressive little faces and fun counting and sequencing play that will help them explore colors, numbers and feelings.  This classic Colorful Mood Crayons help little ones explore feelings, colors, number order, sequencing and more with fun songs. When toddlers sort the crayons into the correct numbered slots and press down, they’ll be rewarded with silly songs and phrases that give each color and feeling, as well as number order. It is a top rated toy perfect for teaching colors & feelings: When kids press down on the crayons, they’ll hear phrases & songs that introduce them to each color & feeling – from surprised, sad and sleepy, to happy & mad.

Pros: It can be used for children of 18 months and above. Its store of more than 35 songs, sounds and phrases helps children associate colours with feelings.

Cons: It should be used with adult supervision for children under 18 months.

This toy is rated 4.6

Magna-Tiles Clear Colors 32-pc Set

Magna-Tiles Clear Colors 32-pc Set
The Magna Tiles is another set of great toys which I highly recommend. Every penny spent is worth the money as it engages kids with hours of fun. The tile edges are magnetized so it can be connected to build anything that can be imagined. This great educational toy help kids develop fine motor skills and teaches spatial skills to young junior engineers. It develops creativity and imagination. Looking for a toy to develop your kids mathematical skills, science abilities and creativity, then look no further. This Magna Tiles completely does that.
Pros: It is very sturdy and washable. It can engage kids for hours without being bored. It also helps teach spatial skills.

Cons: The magnets are not 100% perfect.

This toy is rated 4.5

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