Best Toys To Teach Writing

Writing is the foundation for education. It is a form and medium of communication, hence the need for every child to develop this writing skill. The need to ensure that every child has legible writing cannot be overemphasized. This article amalyses some of the best toys to teach writing to kids and toddlers.

There are many educational toys and learning tools that have been designed to make the job easier. These writing toys for toddlers help children to learn the art of writing and develop their writing skills. Writing toys simply help children lay the foundation for legible writing later in life using different approaches.

Writing Toys For 4-Year-Olds

LeapFrog Go-with-Me ABC Backpack

Leap Frog Best Toys to teach writing

This LeapFrog Packbag has been selling well in the toy industry for sometimes now. This unique backpack for interactive learning activities includes the 26 letters of the alphabet, a write and erase board and a variety of games. This great toy teaches children how to write the letters of the alphabet properly.
Using the write and erase board, kids can practice letter writing and drawing with Mr. Pencil. The screen shows how to write each letter step-by-step and then shows how to turn each letter into animals. The toy consist of seven different activities which basically help to teach writing and phonics.

Pros: This unique pack is very portable and kids can easily carry it everywhere. It is fun filled , so children can easily learn with fun. It is well built and durable.The tracing system it uses ensures that children dedelop nice and attractive writing

Learning to write with fun

Cons: The LED digital display is a little bit small. The string attached to the stylus (Mr Pencil) could be better if it is longer.

This writing toy is given a 4.6 star rating

VTech Write and Learn Creative Center

Vtech Learn to write toy

This Vtech writing toy provides children an interactive method of learning how to write. The touch screen uses a stylus which guides them through the process of learning how to write correctly. The toys animated demonstaration helps children follow along and develop the best writing skill and proper stroke order for uppercase and lowercase letters. This learning tool has a creative center where children learn creative ways to write letters.

Pros: The sound is distinct and very easy to understand. The writing screen area is large and erases well. The writing toy serves as a great teaching aid for the reluctant beginner 

Cons: The sound is not loud enough. The stylus cord is a bit shorter, it could be better if it is longer. The battery slot is a bit too easy to open.

This toy is given a 4.5 star rating

Ivy Step Magnetic Alphabet Letter Tracing Board with Two Stylus Pens

Ivy Step Magnetic Alphabet Letter Tracing Board with Two Stylus Pens

This toy board is a great learning aid to help trace the letters and develop great writing skills. It is a learning tool that helps to develop writing skills of children by sight, sound and touch skills. The magnetic board also helps to develop the eye hand coordination and motor skills.

Pros: The screen helps to strengthen muscle memory for fast and easy learning. The screen also comes with an extra pencil

Cons: The magnets are a bit too strong for kids.

This toy is given a 4.4 star rating

Fisher-Price Think & Learn Alpha SlideWriter

Fisher-Price Think & Learn Alpha SlideWriter

This is a great learning educational toy that teaches kids how to spell words and practice writing. The pen literally grows with your child, helping preschoolers hold a pen in the right way to write every time. The removable rubber grip helps preschoolers learn how to properly and comfortably hold a pen. 
The moveable letter tiles help preschoolers recognize letters and build words by sliding them around, and the grow-with-me pen helps them master a perfect pencil grasp

Pros: The pen was designed with growing hands in mind, a triangle shape to help guide little hands to hold the pen in the correct way.

Cons: The letters are all capital letters, no lower case

This toy is given a 4.5 Star Rating

Boogie Board New Writing Drawing Tracing Flash Cards

Boogie Board New Writing Drawing Tracing Flash Cards

This Boogie Board teaches Kids how to learn and write with fun. The device has a tracing pen to practice letters and numbers. It also teaches letter recognition, math, and many more. The stylus and LCD magic writer gives children the feeling of using a pencil and paper. The stylus pen attaches securely to the case for easy storage

Pros: This boogie Board is portable and fun filled and teaches concentration and focus

Cons: The board only comes with capital letters only.

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