Best Baby Carrier for Big Dad

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Best Baby Carrier for Big Dads

A baby sling or baby carrier is a piece of cloth that supports an infant. It helps support a small child from an adult’s body. Baby carriers can be formed in several ways. It could be super simple or very complicated. This makes it very difficult to know what you really need for your new baby especially choosing the best baby carrier for big dad.

The decision to use a baby carrier is often difficult and very challenging for big and large dads. The best baby carriers are those which can keep the baby in prime position and equally provide comfort. Parents must always be conscious of the environment where their kids stay.

When the baby is in the carrier, the baby’s weight puts tension on the fabric. The combination of fabric tension, friction of fabric surfaces against each other and the rings combine to “lock” the sling in position. The wearer supports the baby’s weight with one hand and uses the other hand to pull more fabric through the rings to tighten or loosen the sling.

Why Using a Big and Tall Baby Carrier

Sometimes it hurts when you have a big and tall baby and there just not seem to be perfect baby carrier for him. However, you must realize that baby carriers help in child development. It helps to create

  • Convenient Cuddles
  • Easy Feeding
  • Reduces Crying and increases Bonding
  • Aids the Development of Babies

Shopping for the Best Baby Carrier For Big Dad

What are the factors to consider in choosing the right Baby Carrier

  Waist size: This is very important. Most carriers will have this number available on their product page (especially on Amazon), although not all do. Always check for a carrier that can fit your waist size plus a few inches, just to be sure.

  Shoulder strap length: Although this is not always listed on product pages, but it’s really helpful to discover it. 47″ max shoulder strap length is considered on the longer side. You can use that as a starting point.

  Product reviews and Q&As: I personally rate this as the main factor. You can head over to Amazon and read lots of product reviews and Customer Questions. Search for keywords like “husband, dad, tall, waist,” etc. to find testimonials from real people on how that carrier ended up fitting the dad of the family.


Although most baby carriers are designed with medium sized dads in mind, there are plenty of options for large dads out there, you just have to know how to look for them.

Its necessary to consider durability, versatility and comfort ability. Best baby carrier for large dad must not be overly bulky and should be able to fit most big and tall people.