Best Baby Carrier For Big Dads

Babywearing is a term that is gradually trending in parent circles. It is the process of literally carrying your baby constantly with the perfect bonding possible like that of the kangaroo using wraps and carriers. It is sometimes called the Kangaroo mother care. Using the best baby carrier for big and tall dads is more practically convenient than the traditional pushing of kids on strollers.

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Factors to consider in choosing the best baby carrier for big and tall dads

The problem, however, is that most carriers were designed with women in mind. This makes it difficult to get a perfect carrier for dads, especially big and tall dads. A perfect carrier should fit securely on your body, have enough padding and support for the baby. It must be adjustable to be able to strap babies in more than one way.

Choosing a carrier for big and tall dads is a bit difficult. The following must be carefully considered.

  • Waist Size. This should be the first consideration. Before buying, ensure that the measurement of the waist fits with yours.
  • Product Make-up. Also ensure the fabric used for the carrier is such that is of genuine quality
  • Shoulder Strap Length. Ensure that the length of the shoulder strap is long enough, especially for tall dads.

Pros and Cons of Baby Carriers

The use of baby carriers in carrying babies helps to mimic and stimulate the protective and nurturing environment of the kangaroo. It is the best way to promote bonding between parents and newborns. Research shows that babies are comfortable and typically soothed by the sound of their parent’s heartbeat.

For the baby, it helps build their cognitive and motor development. It also assists to improve the immune system function of children while increasing the greater bond between them. Using a carrier also helps in temperature and blood pressure regulation, heart rate and respiratory stability for babies.

It is much easier, comfortable and safer to take babies in wraps and carriers when hiking, or simply strolling around.  Baby wraps and carriers help provide basic survival needs such as warmth and protection.

We have helped research and put together the best Baby wraps, carriers, and slings that perfectly suit your babywearing needs.

Best Baby Carrier For Big and Tall Dads

Top 5 Baby Carrier For Big and Tall Dads

DaDa Hip Seat Baby Carrier

DaDa Hip Seat Baby Carrier

This special baby carrier has a baby hip seat and helps keep your spine straight and stress less without any pressure. The hip seat is light and evenly distributes pressure points on the baby’s body for the baby’s comfort. It is easy to put on and take off and very suitable for travel with an amazing waist and shoulder belt support. It can be described as the best carrier for large babies as its material and design enhances its comfort and convenience.

Pros: It has a wide waistband and extended shoulder straps very suitable for big dads and tall dads.

Cons: It does not provide any head support for sleeping babies.

Brighter Elements Ergonomic Baby Carrier with Hip Seat

Brighter Elements Baby Carrier

This good quality baby carrier has a hip seat with a forward-facing option comfortable for baby. It is big enough and many tall dads highly recommend it.
It can be worn comfortably with baby facing you, front-facing, on back, and two side positions. The baby seat is a plus as the baby is comfortable and isn’t squished next to your body. It is very comfortable and it redistributes the weight of your baby to lessen the stress on your spine.

Pros: It has parts which are easily machine washable.

Cons: Its major limitation is that the same straps that tighten the carrier to you are the same ones to hold the baby in. 

TBG Tactical Baby Carrier

TBG Baby Carrier

This baby carrier has straps that are very comfortable and padded well. It can be worn for hours without giving you back or shoulder pain. This baby carrier is super cute and easy to wear. It can really be described as the best baby carrier for big and tall dads.

Pros: Very easy to strap and remove. Perfect for big dads and tall dads because of its adjustability.

Cons: It has no pocket on front or sides so you cant keep other babies stuffs

Xtra Large Baby K’Tan Active Baby Carrier

Xtra Large Ktan  Carrier

From XXS to XL, the Baby K’tan is sized to fit big and tall dads who will be carrying the child; age or weight of child is not a factor as this baby carrier. It can be regarded as the best hip healthy carrier because of its wide fabric loops which support ergonomic positioning for healthy hip development and provide soft head support for baby.

Pros: This baby carrier has a sizing chart where you choose the right size for you. This is one main advantage it has over other carriers. It is easy to use, comfortable and lightweight.

Cons: This carrier is not very perfect for larger babies.

Ergobaby Carrier

Ergo Baby Carrier

This baby carrier has the advantage of an exceptional lower back comfort with padded lumbar support and extra padded shoulder straps. It easily adjusts to fit multiple wearers from petite to larger body types.

Pros: It is made of premium cotton and is machine washable. It is also very versatile as it can be adjusted to fit big tall dads and moms.

Cons:It does not come with a pocket to store any other baby materials.

Finding the Perfect Baby Carrier for Big Tall Dads and Moms

In summary, although most baby carriers designed with moms in mind, it is very possible to get a baby carrier that will suit your size. One major consideration is to pick a carrier that has the option of adjusting the waist size. Some carriers have a sizing chart where you can easily get one that perfectly suits you.

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