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Babies and Sleep

Sleep can be defined as the natural state of rest where the body becomes inactive, the eyes are closed and the mind does not think. It is a natural regular period in living things when there is a loss of consciousness of the surroundings, which is also characterized by a specific body posture such as lying down or closing the eyes. Parents face a lot of challenges in making their babies sleep at the right time. The ability to choose the best sleep sound machine for toddlers that produces white noise would help in no small measure to alleviate this challenge.

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Research shows that over 90% of parents desire to change the sleeping pattern and routine of their children. This is because it takes time before children adapt to the sleeping time of adults. Babies sleep for around two hours at two hours interval during their first six weeks. Hence, getting your baby to sleep all through the night while you sleep at that age may be a little difficult.

Within that time frame, the need to eat always overrules the need to sleep. This is why they could wake up almost every other hour to suck. As they gradually grow, that impulse also changes gradually. At this time, there is a need to teach babies how and when to sleep.

It has been proven that, psychologically, babies are capable of sleeping in about five-hour stretches as soon as they attain the age of three months. It must be noted, however, that there are individual differences that exist between children. These differences sometimes dictate their sleep patterns. Some factors also may disrupt their sleep patterns such as tummy pain or teething ache.

All babies would fall asleep eventually, some just need more aid than others to fall asleep. There are tricks and methods to get babies sleep for longer hours at night. These, are, however, only aids that help children to sleep. Though there are no guarantees, these tricks would definitely assist you to easily put your baby to sleep

Baby Sleep Tricks

  1. Learn to put your baby down on the crib once he/she is feeling drowsy. It is best to teach babies how to fall asleep on their own. Teaching babies to self-soothe helps them fall asleep on their own easier. This makes them sleep for longer stretches. When they are cradled in the arms to sleep, they easily wake up once they notice a slight change in posture.
  2. Feed your baby well. Newborn babies eat frequently, particularly breastfed babies. Since there is no way to determine how much a breastfed baby eats at each feeding, breastfeeding babies may not be able to sleep at long durations. Bottle-fed babies, on the other hand, sleep for longer hours because infant formulas take longer to digest
  3. Work out a sleeping routine for your baby, create a bedtime routine. Getting this done will teach the baby to sleep on their own without having to necessarily rock and cuddle them every time before they sleep.
  4. Keep all night time activities calm and peaceful. Ensure the baby is not too excited towards sleep time. Keep the room at a comfortable temperature and ensure the room stays dark. Find out what makes the child sleep easily. Many children enjoy bathing right before bedtime as this helps to calm them down for sleep.
  5. Ensure the crib mattress is firm. Car seats and other sitting devices do not encourage developing a sleep pattern for children.
  6. Don’t always assume your baby is hungry every time he/she cries. When you hear a cry, give a few seconds before attending to them. If the crying persists, try another method of comforts like soft singing or gentle rubbing of the backs. Let breastfeeding or bottle-feeding be the last resort
  7. Limit the length and frequency of naps during the day. Although this may be a little difficult, there are things that can be done to help.
  8. Ensure the diapers are dry. Wet diapers can limit the duration of children’s sleep.
  9. Use a Baby Sound Machine or a White-Noise Maker. This helps to enhance baby sleep by providing a consistent soothing sound and drowning all other noises around the house.

Best Sleep Sound Machine For Babies- Pros and Cons of Each

Remote ControlHatch Baby Rest Sound Machine, Night Light and Time-to-Rise

Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine

This device is a three-in-one gadget that combines the perfect nightlight while producing the white noise for babies. It also has an alert installed. The device can be remotely controlled using your phone to control the color, brightness, sound and volume level. The gentle lighting and white noise help to comfort and self-soothe babies. This hatch baby sound machine is easy to use to make your baby rest and sleep fast. The sound machine function produces a wide range of soothing background sounds with night light.

Pros: The device can be controlled remotely via your phone through Bluetooth

Cons: The volume of some of the white sounds may be too high even on the lowest volume setting. The app requires that your GPS location be switched on.

This sleep sound machine is rated 4.8

Homedics White Noise Sound Machine

Homedics White Noise Maker

The Homedics white noise maker comes with 6 different nature sound patterns ( white noise, thunder, ocean, rain, summer night and brook). It is perfect for drowning all other disturbing noises to help your baby sleep well. The sound machine is lightweight and portable and can fit in any suitcase for travel purposes. It has a timer that can be used to control the duration and turn the machine off after a certain period. The auto-off time includes three options: 15, 30, or 60 minutes.

Pros: The available sounds are perfect for relaxation.

Cons: It is not remotely controlled. The sound loop is a bit short and repetitive.

This Sleep Sound Machine is rated 4.3

ZIPOUTE USB Sound Machine for Sleeping

ZIPOUTE USB Sleep Machine

This great device comes with 12 natural non-looping soothing sleep sounds (
White noise, thunderstorm, campfire, ocean waves, fan, stream, wind, ASMR, clock, Hawaii sandy beach, equilibrium, lullaby ) which provides the most relaxing sleep experience. It has a timer and a memory function to help record your favorite tracks and simply return to them without the stress of having to set it up again. It is portable for travel purposes.

Pros: Easy control with big knob and well arranged buttons. Multiple power options for charging with great sounds

Cons: It does not come with a remote control.

This sleep machine is rated 4.9

LectroFan Kinder Sleep Sound Machine and Night Light for Infants and Toddlers

LectroFan Kinder Sleep Sound Machine and Night Light for Infants and Toddlers

This device is a bit distinct from others. Just plug it into any standard outlet, download the app, and control the experience with your Apple or Android smartphone or tablet to provide your kids with soothing sounds for a great night’s sleep. This little machine is easy to use and highly recommended. The white noise is also loud enough to drown out all other noises and keep your baby sleeping smoothly.

Pros: It is much louder and far more extensive in range of ability than many of its peers. It easily plugs into the wall socket and doesn’t have wires. It can also play all night or you can set timers.

Cons: Everything runs via the app. So, when the app doesn’t work you can’t change the song, volume, timer, or anything else

This Sleep Machine is rated 4.7

Mesqool Kids White Noise Sound Machine

Mesqool Kids White Noise Machine for kids

This fairly new device has a lot of options apart from the sleep sound machine. It has everything a baby needs to sleep well. Regular clock, alarm clock, nap time alarm, and even noise machine, with so many different noise options.

Pros:It can be DC powered or run on 4AA batteries

Cons: The night light has a timer and cannot be left on all night. The on/off button for white noise is located under the clock. This means that it cannot be shut off without turning the thing upside down.

This Sleep Machine is rated 4.7

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