How to Develop Writing Skills in a Child

Developing writing skillsin children

Best methods of teaching your kid to write well with fun

Writing is a basic form of communication and an integral part of education. Education is mostly expressed through writing. Unfortunately, however, children are not given adequate opportunities to practice and improve their writing skills and abilities. This is a challenge being faced by many parents having children having writing challenges. Legible writing is a skill that takes time to develop and may be very tough if proper and adequate materials to get it accomplished are not provided for the kid. The VTech Write and learn toy is an example of a writing toy that makes writing fun. We have compiled a comprehensive list of the best toys to teach writing skills here.

That stage and age when kids start the writing process may sometimes be very challenging to them. This is very peculiar, especially with hyperactive children. Because children have less attention span, they tend to easily forget patterns, which is quite understandable at their age. Parents and caregivers must be very careful at this critical moment not to dampen their morale nor trigger the panic button in them. Toys that can help them develop proper eye-hand coordination would help at this time.

Practical Methods of Making Kids Develop Better Writing Skills

The first step towards getting this right is to teach them how to properly hold the pencil. Pencil grip varies depending on the ease with which kids and toddlers can write. The best-proven method of holding a pencil to get excellent and legible writing is by holding with the thumb and index finger while resting on the middle finger. They must also hold the pencil with two fingers only.

Best writing skill

Although this might present very poor writing at the beginning, it would help them have a proper grip of the pencil which would translate to better writing after. Short pencils should also be used at this early stage to improve their grip of the pencil and to encourage better writing.

Parents can also design and create a creative center with appropriate learning tools where they can learn creative writing. They should be encouraged to write a letter and express their thoughts and opinions through writing.

Drawing irregular patterns are the best way to start. This is also called free form writing without any restriction. This is necessary to boost the morale of the child just learning to write and to build confidence in them that writing is actually fun. It should be noted that no two kids/toddlers can write in the same way and speed, hence the need for extra patience by parents and educators.

Teaching kids how to write

Importance of Good Writing

  • Writing is the foundation for education. Almost everything kids do in school will culminate in one form of writing or the other. Assignments, tests, examinations most times require that students write short or long essays as a way of assessing them
  • Writing is a medium of communication. Children will be required to communicate at various times through writing; hence the skill of writing must be developed.
  • Writing is needed in real-life applications, thus the need to develop and teach them writing skills.

How To Make Kids Write Better

  1. The basis for good and legible writing is to make writing fun for children. This will encourage them to continue writing better. Play games and activities that will make them interested in writing should be introduced to them
  2. Create and provide appealing writing mediums to stimulate their interest in writing. There are several toys that have been developed to make writing fun. Parents and educators should make use of them to give their children the best writing skill.
  3. Technology has been proven to make life simpler and easier. Utilize technological innovations that help children in the writing process.
  4. Encourage your child to write as often as possible. This can be done by making the child see you also writing and provide enough opportunities for them to practice writing. Let them understand the importance of writing
  5. Always ensure you praise them even when it seems difficult. This will encourage them to write more.
  6. Allow them time to move at their individual pace and learn through the process