Top 2020 Christmas Gifts For Kids

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Santa Claus Game

2019 Hot Top Selling Toys

Christmas season is approaching once again and the kids are excited especially as they know that it is always a season of receiving gifts. Christmas season is always a season of reunion and a moment of get-together for friends and family. Kids are always the happiest because they are always at the receiving end. The season is one of delight and joy.
One great way to make it fun-filled is by giving them the right toy. It is not just enough to get them a toy but to give them that which will engage them with much fun and education.
We have put together a comprehensive list of 2019 hot top-selling toys that are trending for the 2019 Christmas season. These are hot top-selling toys that are trending. This is to save you the stress and hassle of toy shopping.

Water Doodle Mat Toy with 20 Drawing Kits

This Kovita doodle toy mat is made of non-toxic and soft material which makes it safe for kids to enjoy. Your kids do not need paint to draw. It comes with a water pen which is used to draw on the mat. the drawings and writings automatically disappear after 5 minutes allowing them to draw on the mat again. What makes this drawing pad great is that it does not stain or create any mess.
The package comes with 1 aqua doodle mat with dinosaurs design, 6 water pens, 4 drawing shape templates, 8 pattern markers, 1 drawing booklet. It helps kids develop their manual dexterity, creativity, teamwork and cooperative play with others, and teaches valuable skills as children grow up. It is easy to use and comes with a step by step booklet on how to draw

Water Doodle mat toy

Best Selling Santa Claus Game

The Award-winning Santa Claus game lets children have fun by choosing a sleigh full of teddy bears, dolls and treats. As they play, they will deliver presents, sing holiday songs and twirl like a snowflake. This simple fun game can be played by the whole family.

Award Winning Santa Claus game

Fisher-Price Little People A Christmas Story Toy

This is a toy that simply tells the story of Christmas including biblical figures such as Joseph, the angel, the three wise men, 2 donkeys, a camel, a sheep, and a cow. It is a wonderful way to tell the story of Christmas while making it fun for little kids. It requires 3 AA batteries to power it.

Fisher Price Christmas Story Toy

Scoot Hands-Free Mini Drone Helicopter

This is a high-tech hand-operated drone with no remote control for easy hands-free control. It can be flown by anyone as it does not require any skill to control it. The drone can be charged with any USB cable. Once charged, the hand-controlled drone uses a high-tech infrared motion sensor to detect obstacles. These indoor drones for beginners make awesome travel toys, kids gifts, and fun birthday party activities. It is indeed one of the hottest toys for 2019 Christmas.

Best Hand Drone for kids

Treasure X King’s Gold Treasure Tomb

This is an interesting puzzle game for kids. They have the task of conquering the treasure tomb to unlock the gold-dipped treasure in the vault.

Treasure X King Gold Treasure Tomb

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